Meet Norma, The Inspirational 90-Year-Old Who Hit The Road After A Cancer Diagnosis

None of us knows how our lives will end or how we’ll handle that news when it comes. It’s a fact of life, but it’s hard to read about the journey taken by a 90-year-old woman named Norma and not be inspired by the way she dealt with the cruel hand that she was given.

From the Driving Miss Norma Facebook page:

During the same two-week period, her husband, Leo, was dying, Norma, was traveling through her own medical maze.

Having some blood detected in her urine during a routine exam, she was sent for an ultrasound, then another. The day after Leo was admitted to Hospice we learned that she had a large, likely cancerous mass on her uterus. Two days after Leo died we found ourselves sitting in an OB/GYN office talking about treatment options.

You know the drill: surgery, then radiation and chemo in some order. When the doctor was finished he asked her how she would like to proceed.

Unwilling to spend her last months fighting to stay alive, Norma’s son Tim and his wife, Ramie, suggested that she go live with them in their RV and hit the road. And as you can see on that Facebook page, the result has been an epic and empowering adventure that laughs in the face of the ultimate loss of power. During her, now 6-month-long, odyssey Norma has taken to the skies via hot air balloon, seen Mount Rushmore and the ocean, visited the Kennedy Space Center, and taken some time to smell the flowers and indulge in the finer things.

Here’s hoping that Norma continues on her road trip for a long time and that we all get a chance to take some time to savor and experience this world with awe before our time runs out.

Source: Facebook, Bored Panda