North Koreans Are Reportedly Flocking To Adopt Kim Jong-Un’s Hairstyle, But Not By Choice

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (L) appl
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The next bullet point in Kim Jong Un’s ever-expanding list of propaganda placed upon the people of North Korea is a strictly-enforced selection of haircuts. There were once 28 state-approved haircuts in North Korea, now the Supreme Leader has cut the number down to 2. Only bobs for women, in honor of his wife Ri Sol-Ju, and his own “ambitious” haircut haircut for men are allowed.

The eccentric son of Kim Jong-Il debuted the “ambitious” haircut in February of this year, inducing shock and awe to all who gazed upon his coiffed do. Now, an entire country looks like they’ll be following in his relatively stylish footsteps. The “ambitious” haircut is shaved on the sides and the hair is then combed back into a kind of bowl cut parted down the middle mixed with some product and an unhealthy amount of crazy.

News from the secretive Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is difficult to confirm, but sources say that the state’s new haircut law is overwhelming local barbers as citizens rush to get all of their hairs cut. So at least they have an economic boon going for them with this whole thing, if you want to look at it that way.

It’s also rumored that university student monitors are chopping off the offensive hair of any man wearing it longer than 2 cm. Apparently, this is all a strategy to get the country’s young people in line for the seventh general assembly of the Workers Party, which essentially is North Korea’s congress that hasn’t been assembled since his father’s regime in 1980.

(Via Business Insider)