An 105-Year-Old Woman Asked For Hot Firefighters On Her Birthday And That’s Exactly What She Got

Is it necessary to wait until you are 105-years-old to ask for hot firefighters to show up at a birthday party? Because if not, we just added a lot of various guests to our dream birthday party guest lists that we can only hope will pan out. A woman named Ivy Smailes of exactly that age in Crawcrook, England requested a group of “hunky firefighters” to show up for her birthday party at the nursing home and had her request granted because being born more than a century ago means that you can ask for some crazy and outlandish things and they will still come true. Truly, living the dream.

Not only did the firefighters show up, but one of them even climbed a ladder up to her window to make his grand entrance that way instead of through the front door. Not that we can attest to Ms. Smailes exact health condition, but it might not be the best idea for random guests to be surprising her in her room window at 105-years-old. Potential shocks to the heart and all that. The Addison Court Care Home where Ivy lives says that each year she asks for something special on her birthday. If the home keeps insisting on granting her wishes, she should really go all out for her 106th birthday celebration.

Oh wait, she’s already one step ahead of everyone else because she wants to meet Prince Harry next year. Don’t disappoint her, Harry. And bring Wills and Kate along with you as an extra treat. It will be for an 106th birthday after all!

(via Mashable)

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