Oreos That Taste Like Fruity Pebbles And Blueberry Pie Are Here To Give Your Entire Life Meaning

If there’s one breakfast cereal that deserves way more recognition than it gets, it’s Fruity Pebbles. The delighful mix of sugar, artificial fruit flavors, and Flinstones characters is both delicious in and out of milk (and it turns your milk into a sugary puddle of wonder, too). To prove that point, and make it abundantly clear that “yo, not all the best things in life are chocolate,” Oreo’s announced that they’re going to release a special edition of the cookie that will taste exactly like a bowl of the important breakfast staple. No more pouring milk and washing dishes, millennials! Now you can eat your entire breakfast in cookie form.

Fruity Crisp Oreos aren’t the only new cookie to be making their way down your grocery aisle just in time for all your summer celebration needs. Oreo is also debuting a blueberry pie flavor that will hopefully remind you of the desserts your grandma used to make (or exactly the opposite, if your grandma made bad pies) and which will pair perfectly with any alcoholic beverage. Honestly, all Oreo needs to do now is release a savory option and we could take all our meals in cookie form (like the gum in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but with less side effects).

Refinery 29 reports that you’ll be able to get the Blueberry Pie Oreos only at Target (which will be difficult for those who love cookies but also hate equal rights), but that Fruity Crisp will be somewhat harder to find due to the fact that the flavor will mostly be sold at regional stores such as Wegmans and Winn Dixie. If there’s any reason for a summer road trip, getting Fruity Pebbles-flavored cookies in your mouth is definitely a good one.