This Orlando Man’s Reason For Camping Out For Black Friday Will Warm Your Heart

11.07.15 3 years ago

Kevin Sutton has been camping outside a local Best Buy since October 25 — which is 33 days before the annual Black Friday sale. Sutton also happens to be the host of a radio sports show — Orlando’s 96.9, The Game.

Even though Sutton wants to find a great deal on some electronics this coming Black Friday, he has a higher purpose in standing in line. Sutton’s true goal is to try to raise more awareness about the homeless in this country.

Sutton will be collecting toys and other gifts that will be given to children during this holiday season. While he has been waiting in line, Sutton has been multi-tasking. On November 2, Sutton was able to tend to a gunshot victim in the parking lot of Best Buy. According to Sutton, he was able to use first-aid techniques that he picked up from The Walking Dead (who says that you can’t learn something in between Rick Grimes’ sulking and Carol killing anyone that stands in her path?).

This isn’t the first time Sutton has waited in line in early during Black Friday. Last year, he was able to amass three tons of food that went to children in need in Central Florida. This year, Sutton hopes to top his previous accomplishment.

(Via Hello Giggles)

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