Comfort Dogs Have Arrived From Across The Country To Help The Orlando Victims Heal

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After a gunmen killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, it has been a week of awful stories and harrowing details emerging from the attack. Not one piece of breaking news about the terrorist responsible or what happened inside the club is less horrible than the next. Especially as the police and authorities uncover more and more about his motivations and background. Even in an unbearable dark time such as this though, there is always a way to find bright spots in the sadness.

Right now, that bright spot is a group of a dozen comfort dogs who are spending time with the injured and first responders in the area this week in the hopes that their presence will lift spirits and support healing efforts. The dogs come from Lutheran Church Charities in Illinois and, to put it simply, are incredibly sweet looking. They each have individual Facebook pages detailing their exploits which are similarly lovely, and the names alone are putting a little warmth in our hearts from afar.

Gracie, Sasha, Hannah, Jacob, and more of their friends are currently braving one hundred degree weather or hotter to offer whatever solace they can to the survivors and witnesses to the massacre. It will be far from an expedient process for people involved and from the local area to get through this terrible experience, but a good deed can certainly go a long way during such a time. The Comfort Dogs join companies like JetBlue and Chick-Fil-A in offering free or helpful services to the victims’ families, blood donors, and others.

(via DailyDot)