True Crime Podcaster Payne Lindsey Shares His Guide to Portland, Maine

If you’re a true crime and murder mystery connoisseur, then you’ve probably heard of Payne Lindsey, the podcaster and co-founder of the Atlanta-based award-winning podcast company, Tenderfoot TV. If you’ve been tuning into podcasts since the beginning, then you know that Payne is credited with helping to crack an eleven-year-old cold case in early 2017. Throughout the first season of his hit debut podcast, “Up and Vanished,” he investigated the disappearance of beauty queen and school teacher Tara Grinstead. Ultimately, Payne’s work led to two arrests.

He’s also the host of a handful of other true crime podcasts including, Atlanta Monster, Radio Rental, and Dead and Gone. Lindsey is someone who’s spent much of his career studying horrific crimes (which sounds just a little stressful). So it makes sense that when he travels, he chooses destinations that are more laidback and low-key. His go-to spot for a weekend away is Portland, Maine, which sits on the peninsula extending into Casco Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. The town’s waterfront atmosphere makes for beautiful views and killer seafood.

If you’re in the market for a chill vacation in the Northeast, check out Lindsey’s full guide to Portland below. He’s sharing where to stay, eat, play, and drink.


Portland, Maine Guide
Payne Lindsey

First and foremost, there are fewer people. Anywhere there are fewer people, I’m usually in. The Northeast, specifically, has amazing Stephen King vibes. Cold, sleepy towns by the ocean make me feel weird inside and I love it.

What’s one thing that every first-time visitor should see or do in Portland?

Eat as much fresh lobster as you can possibly stomach. By your last day there, you’ll completely hate it. But two days after you get back home you want it all over again.

Where to get the best waterfront view?

Hands down, the best place to stay in Portland is this Airbnb. It’s right across the water in Portland Old Port with an amazing patio and even a little lookout tower. The seagulls are absolutely everywhere so you gotta be cool with that.

Tastiest spot for a lobster roll in the city?

The best lobster roll in the city, in my opinion, is the Nor’easter Lobster Roll from Boone’s Fish House. This is the only “warm” style lobster roll I actually enjoy. It comes in a buttery griddled bun and is absolutely phenomenal.

Best outdoor activity in Portland?

Hovercraft of Maine

Take a Hovercraft of Maine boat tour. It’s a tiny little covered boat that holds around six people. The captain is a charming old man who knows literally everything there is about the city of Portland and all the beautiful islands off the coast there.

The coolest bar for a late-night cocktail or craft beer?

ViA VECCHiA has the best craft cocktails in town. I enjoy all their drinks, but I am partial to the old fashioned there. The coolest place to sit is the high-top couch in the far back corner — you might want to call to reserve it, though!

Best time of year to visit?

The summers are beautiful, but sometimes it can get pretty hot. In mid to late September or early October, it starts to get cool, but it’s not freezing cold yet. That, to me, is the best Maine weather.

Most unique hotel or place to stay in Portland?

Besides my favorite Airbnb, the best place to stay is The Press Hotel. The breakfast there is fire. Be sure to get the grilled blueberry muffin — it’s unreal.

Anything else you’d like to add about Portland:

Don’t tell too many people about it, let’s keep it a secret. Ugh, too late.