Celebrate The Return Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ By Making Our Steak & Ale Pie

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A great meat pie is a delight — and far too unappreciated in the American culinary scene The meeting of soft and crumbly pastry with savory morsels of tender meat is a magical thing. The Peaky Blinders knew this. Savory pies have been the cornerstone of a great pub meal pretty much since pubs were a thing. You’d throw down a few pints of funky ale with a whisky or two and then devour a pie to soak up all that alcohol.

It’s a perfect culinary partnership that’s lasted for centuries.

With the return of Peaky Blinders to Netflix — one of the best binge watches available right now — we thought we’d indulge in some hardcore meat pie action. So get the bottles of whisky cracked open, chill that ale, and get ready to bake a hell of a pie.


Zach Johnston

I’ve spent my adult life married to a woman from Lancashire. That’s a part of England that takes their pies very, very seriously. The cornerstone of a great pie is the crust. It’s gotta be flaky, savory, and have a little crumble to it. Yes, you read that right, it has to be flaky and crumbly. That means you need a balance of butter, lard, and flour.

I use two cups of flour, a large pinch of salt, and about 4 ounces each of unsalted butter and rendered pork lard. You basically mush the fat into the flour and add drops of water until a dough forms. Chill the dough for at least an hour. Done.

Zach Johnston

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