This Photographer Runs To Change Minds While Capturing Untold Stories

Photographer Nicholas Small is drawn to the stories and communities other people shy away from. He looks for connection, humanity, and beauty. Then, he captures those moments with his camera. The goal, he says, is always to use art to incite change.

He loves his work, but it can be difficult. He’s required to have a great amount of endurance and flexibility to get the best shot. And long days of shooting involve standing on his feet for hours which can leave him feeling exhausted. One important part of being a photographer for Small is to make sure that he keeps his body in peak physical shape.

Taking the time to run regularly gives Small the physical strength to get through his days, but it also gives him mental endurance and clarity through chaotic situations. The relaxing and centering nature of the sport helps him to connect the dots from his day and get his creative juices flowing.

“Running is rhythmic,” he says about the evenness of his heart beating and feet hitting the pavement. “I think it’s something about that same cadence over and over again, and hearing my heart pulsing, that puts me into a meditative state that allows me to reflect on my work.”

When he runs, Small is propelled to think about the world in a new way. It’s more than a hobby for him, it’s a vital part of his process. Join us as we follow Small in his mission to photograph untold stories and learn how running lifts him up, gives him stamina, and helps to make his work possible.