Relish The News That A Restaurant Serving Only Pickles Will Open Soon

The briny, salty, sour, and umami goodness of a pickled cucumber can make any deli sandwich pop. You can slice one up and throw it on a hamburger to add some extra crunch. You can even batter and deep fry a few for a nice salty appetizer that pairs perfectly with all that craft IPA you love. And now a restaurant is promoting the pickle from a humble side or appetizer and transforming it into the main attraction. Shockingly this restaurant isn’t in Portland…

The Pickle Guys are a New York institution and have been brining all sorts of fruits and vegetables for a while now. Their shop on Essex Street on the Lower Eastside would often see lines out the door all day. They’ve expanded to Brooklyn (obvs) and this spring they’re adding a small counter with a few seats to sell plates of pickle only dishes.

The Pickles Guys have hinted that the menu will consist largely of fried pickled concoctions (again, obvs) and primarily cater to carry out service. The manager of Pickle Guys William Soo says, “We pickle many, many things throughout the year.” Soo continues, “We’ll try to bring that stuff to the eatery.” Although pickles will be the main attraction, if they concept works, they may also expand into “burgers, chicken sliders, and beef sliders.” Expect a lot of pickle on those burgers, and some pretty mean glares if you ask them to hold the pickle.

As the popularity of fried pickles slowly trickles up from the American South, this seems like a big win for lovers of all things pickle. Who’s ready to try some fried up pickled okra or a some fried pickled beets?

(Via Good Housekeeping)