Say Hello To The ‘Pink Drink,’ The Newest Secret Starbucks Beverage Causing People To Lose Their Minds

It’s a known fact that nothing causes mass chaos quite like the addition of a new item to Starbucks’ secret menu.

For reasons we mere mortals have yet to fully understand, the idea that a global chain of generic coffee shops has an entire list of sugary, slightly caffeinated beverages just hidden away, waiting to be found and ordered, turns otherwise normal coffee drinkers into obsessive weirdos.

Case in point: the latest secret menu craze, Starbucks’ Pink Drink. Unlike most of the coffee chains’ secret menu items, the Pink Drink isn’t a frappuccino, but a mix of Strawberry Acai Refresher, coconut milk, and fresh fruit (we’re told strawberries are the go-to). Some fans of the drink (and there are plenty) say it tastes like Strawberry Nesquik, while others describe its flavor as more liquid-Starburst-y.

Apparently, it’s magical.

And addictive.

Some would say life-fulfilling.

People are even introducing their moms to it.

Though the new drink is popping up everywhere, a good number of people on Twitter are crediting user Nikki Lipstick with actually creating the candy-flavored combo. Whoever came up with it should be getting royalties, or at least a lifetime supply of free Pink Drinks from Starbucks. (We can only assume this latest internet obsession has been pretty good for business.)

(Via Food Beast)