Pizza Hut Is Coming For Your Arteries With A New Grilled-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza


Stop for a second and listen? Can you hear that? The whisper in the air — like millions of souls being condemned to hell? No, it’s not your imagination. What you’re hearing is the pained chorus of “noooooooooo”s coming from the generation that grew up on eating pizza backwards (because every crust is stuffed if you imagine hard enough), realized that crusts stuffed with cheese were supremely unhealthy (and endorsed by Trump), and were then greeted by the news that a new stuffed crust pizza was coming, with an all-new grilled-cheese crust that must be tried to be believed. Sorry for everyone who became “lack toast and tall or rent” in their 20s. You’re going to have to fight the good fight and brave your body to try this stuffed crust full of cheddar.

Yaaaas, kween: Cheddar! We’re not going to pretend that adding cheddar to crusts is more important than any other news you’re going to read today, but we can’t pretend it’s not either. Because, oh my god, that sounds very good and chill and like the perfect thing to eat when you’re really drunk and contemplating the universe and whether it’s time to just move on from your 9-5 to a job herding sheep in Iceland.

From Food Beast:

The new pizza features some gooey mozzarella cheese packed inside the crust. To set the pie apart from previous incarnations, cheddar cheese is added within the crust and is then topped with breadcrumbs and melted butter.

We don’t know if you’ve watched The Good Place yet, but if heaven is anything like it’s depicted on that show, we’d like to imagine that this pizza exists there. And you can eat it and eat it and eat it until all of the universe’s questions have been answered.

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