Would Tigers, Piranhas, And Crocodiles Guarding Your Prison Make You Think Twice About Escaping?

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Remember those crocodiles working security at that Indonesian prison? The short story is that Budi Waseso — head of the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia — talked about having tigers patrol around a high-security Indo-Alcatraz. The Indonesian government insisted he was joking, but Waseso doubled down and said that he’s also thinking about adding tigers and piranhas to the staffing wish list. He told reporters:

The number will depend on how big the area is, or whether perhaps to combine them [crocs] with piranhas. Because the (prison) personnel numbers are short, we can use wild animals. We could use tigers too — for conservation at the same time.

However, Waseso isn’t rushing into any hiring decisions. There are still a lot of important studies to be done, such as, figuring out if the crocs and the non-native fish will be sharing the same space, finding a way to source said fish, and continuing to work through the techniques of every James Bond villain ever.