Anthony Bourdain Tells You How Make Your Next Steak And Burger Perfect

We love Anthony Bourdain. He’s been a friend to the site for a long time and his trademark wit and irreverence always feel on point. The man knows how to cook, he’s an expert traveler, and he hates home fries. What else could we ask for?

So when Bourdain starts dropping knowledge about meat, we tune in. Above you’ll see the chef speak tenderly about the perfect steak (LET IT REST, YOU FOOL!) and below he spins wisdom about making a bomb burger. Bourdain’s rules on this subject are pretty standard for him: Don’t be a fancy assh*le.

“Is this thing I’m doing to the classic dish, is it making it better? There’s a tectonic slide that occurs when you start to overcomplicate and add other products. Personally I approve of ketchup on a burger…mayonnaise if you insist. It’s an engineering and structural problem as much as it is a flavor experience.”

The greatest sin? “It’s difficult to eat.”

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