Reddit’s Star Frequent Flyers Are Sharing Some Pretty Spot On Travel Hacks

01.03.18 10 months ago

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The great thing about travel is that all you have to do to be an “expert” is get out on the road. Therefore it’s the perfect venue for crowdsourced answers — because there’s no reason to assume that a businesswoman traveling the country doesn’t have better tips for you than a veteran travel journalist. This morning, Redditors are doing just that — offering helpful hints on how to travel without losing your mind or breaking the bank.

In a thread for “Reddit Frequent Flyers,” the sites users are sharing some of their best travel hacks and hints to make traveling during 2018 way less of a headache.

In addition to saving you drama, some of the most practical tips save you from wasting time and experiencing the embarrassment of looking like you’ve never traveled before.

“Buy a budget round trip to Chicago? New York? Be super certain you understand which airport you’re departing from. It’s not always the same one you landed at” – Qatest

Some of the most useful tips are those that help bypass the most aggravating part of the airport experience: getting through security.

“Screenshot your boarding pass and keep your ID in your front pocket makes security as simple as possible. EVERYTHING goes in your bag before you even get in line (wallet, keys, belt, shoes).

Edit: Turn the brightness on your phone ALL THE WAY UP when presenting your boarding pass in security lines or when you board the plane.

Lock the orientation on your phone, with the QR code open, and place your phone about a foot above the scanner. Push the phone down onto the glass scanner, and then raise it back up. This is the best way to scan that QR code… those scanners can be finicky. – thismydallasaccount

“I keep a gallon-sized ziplock bag in the outside pocket of my suitcase. Just before I get in the security line, I empty my pockets of everything and put it into the bag along with jewelry. Then the ziplock goes back into the suitcase.” – BradC

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