This Rescue Organization Matches Stray Dogs From Mexico With New Homes

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that change your life forever. The smallest… and the furriest. Jordan Kahana knows that better than anyone. Two years ago, he was on a road trip to the Grand Canyon when a couple of stray puppies ran across the road. And this seemingly random event shook up his life in a dramatic way. He adopted the pups. Which led to him deciding to give up his job to travel the country and chronicle his adventures with them on Youtube.

Knowing how much richer his life became when Sedona and Zeus crossed his path, Kahana advocates strongly for pet adoption. A best dog friend could be on a street or a shelter somewhere, just waiting for you to find them. So he’s grateful for the work animal rescue volunteers — like Christi and Moncho Camblor of Compassion Without Borders — do to save animals.

The California couple and their team rescue stray dogs in Mexico, make sure they get medical care, food, and grooming, and then, transport them (sometimes 60 or more dogs at a time!) in a van up to the states to match them with the right families. It’s a labor of love, made possible by a lot of passionate people. Watch the video above to find out more about the rescue and see Kahana deliver one sweet dog, Cooper, to his new home.