Meet The Couple About To Break The Record For The World’s Longest Road Trip

Grab a paper and a pen, I want to try something. Think about some things that have been on your mind for a bit. Goals or dreams that have been tucked in the farthest reaches of your brain. I’m talking about the things that, for one reason or another, you’ve never actually acted on. Once you scribble down ten or so, sit back and admire. You just took one step closer to accomplishing those long-dormant fantasies.

That’s the same first step that author and famed drifter Greg Cayea took before deciding that he and his girlfriend Heather Thompson needed to break a world record. Specifically, the world record for the longest domestic road trip. The two have been driving, almost non-stop across the U.S. for over 100 days now and have covered close to 25,000 miles.

On the tail-end of their marathon, world-record shattering, road trip the couple were kind enough to hop on the phone with us about their daily rituals, the lessons learned by living within arm’s reach of your partner for 100 days, and how the hell they’re bankrolling this whole endeavor.

How have you guys been?

We’re good, man. We’re taking a little breather. It’s been about 100 days. There’s all these rules that we have to follow, and one of them says that we’re allowed to stop in any one location for 13 days. We were passing by New York, and that’s where my parents live, so we’re basically restocking on food and coffee and all that shit.

Right on.

We got to be out of here by … Friday, I think, will make our 13th day? Then we’re going down to finish up the trip.

Where’s the finish line?

We don’t know. The Today Show contacted me to see if we could maybe make them the ending point on the actual show.

Oh dope.

Yeah, but it’s kind of a catch 22, because they need confirmation from Guinness that we will have the record. It’s a complex process. They want to make sure that we’re verified. I don’t know where the endpoint is, is the answer.

Did you ever play with the idea of going to Florida?

Yes. We’re going to Florida, actually. That’s our next stop. We’re heading down there. When I filled in the application [for the record]… There’s a two-step process. First you have to apply to break the record, and if you get accepted, then you have to basically submit your blueprint for how you intend to do it. If you get accepted for that, then they give you the green light and they send you the guidelines that you have to follow. During that process, they ask a start and an end location, because you’re not allowed to do a round trip. It had to be different locations.

Why no round trip?