Ryan Reynolds Has A New Lifestyle Show Where He Gorges On Crab Legs, Throws Axes, And Sculpts Ice

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I need more Ryan Reynolds, which, let’s face it, we all have at one point or another, then you’ll be pleased to hear that everyone’s favorite self-aware Marvel superhero has his own show coming to Snapchat. And it looks insane (in a fun way!). Sure, absolutely no one asked for a series where a clueless Reynolds tries his hand at ice sculpting, mukbang, nail art, or magic, but that’s what we got and we’re… pleased?

Dubbed, Ryan Doesn’t Know, the 12-part series debuted on Snapchat over the weekend and consists of “actor and stuff learner” Ryan Reynolds meeting a bunch of talented creatives in random fields and trying his hand, usually poorly, at their art.

“You can fill a gymnasium with things that I don’t know,” says Reynolds in the show’s trailer, where we get to see him throw axes, which looks hilarious/ dangerous; gorge himself on crab legs, which looks awesome; wield a chain saw (not terribly proficiently, though he is Canadian), and apply his wry sense of humor to a range of other ridiculous scenarios. Ryan Doesn’t Know joins the ever-growing list of Snapchat Originals, which include shows from the likes of Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and Connor McGregor.

Catch Ryan Doesn’t Know on Snapchat.