Single? Here’s Some Essential Information On Dating In 2016

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Single? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. America, home of the free and the brave, is also the home of an extraordinary number of singles trying to find love. But dating’s different in 2016 — we have computers and smart phones and even apps that will pretend to be your boyfriend — so has compiled a whole bunch of data to make it easier for anyone trying to find love before Valentine’s Day to have the best shot possible. And by best shot, we mean you should absolutely take your date to have sushi for dinner.

According to the study — which surveyed more than 5,500 singles about what to eat if you want to get a second date, who fellow singles are voting for, and how long it takes for a dude to just give up if he hasn’t heard back from someone he’s interested in (the average is 11.25 days) — the best thing to do for dinner when you’re just getting to know someone is to eat raw fish. In fact,  doing so will up your chances of getting a second date by more than 100 percent (provided your personality isn’t awful), and going to an expensive restaurant (regardless of whether sushi is present) raises your chances of getting a second date by 50 percent. No word on whether going to an expensive sushi restaurant basically guarantees a second date, but according to the survey, taking someone out for drinks also raises your chances of a second date by more than 100 percent, as do after-dinner drinks, which makes sense. (You’re not going to go have drinks with someone you’re not into, right? Not even if they’re paying.)

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