Trade Your Unwanted Crappy Gifts For A Taste Of The Rainbow At This ‘Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop’

This year, anyone living in or near Toronto can trade in their unwanted holiday crap for something much more appealing: Skittles® brand Fruity Candy! The holiday pop-up pawn shop will be running from Dec. 26 to Dec. 30 on Toronto’s Queen Street West, giving people the opportunity to get rid of their unwanted gifts in exchange for the item’s estimated value in Skittles. So, while a pair of Santa socks might only get you, say, 10 to 15 Skittles, a brand new fondue set might earn you a solid pound of Skittles. (Although I can’t say for sure, I’m honestly just spit-balling here as far as how much random crap is worth in Skittles.)

But this is more than just a viral marketing stunt, because the pop-up shop is actually for a good cause. All of the traded items in good condition will be donated to a Goodwill ReUse Centre in Toronto’s Scarborough district. According to the Skittles Pawn website, which is currently appraising items, the only items they will not accept are “food, branded merchandise, drugs, weapons, garbage and [pictures] of your privates.”

So, sorry about that, Skittles-loving perverts, but in the meantime, Craigslist is still more than happy to accept pictures of your privates.

(Via CityNews)