This Tiny Romanian Town Hopes To Get A Tourism Boost From An Accidental Snoop Dogg Shoutout

03.19.16 3 years ago

Snoop Dogg learned his lesson this week: Bogata is not the same city as Bogotá. The former is a tiny commune in the Romanian county, Mureș, while the latter, of course, is the capital of Colombia.

The problem: Snoop Dogg accidentally tagged himself as being in Romania, when he was actually in Colombia, visiting on tour. No harm, no foul. But Romania’s Bogata is taking the error and running with it. The Instagram post already has 42.7k likes and over 7,000 comments, many of them in Romanian (and many of them including the crying-out-of-laughter emoji).

Not only that, but one enterprising citizen already launched a website,, to promote tourism to the newly famous region. “Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata, Mureș by mistake,” the landing page reads. “But you don’t have to!”

The website touts Bogata as being “the best place for chillin’ in Romania,” and from the looks of the geotagged Instagram photos VisitBogata includes on its site, the region actually is breathtakingly gorgeous:

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