Truly Memorable Gifts For The Female Solo Adventurer In Your Life


Traveling by yourself is one of life’s great joys. There’s something empowering and refreshing to have it all on you — a trip where you pick where you wander based on your own feelings and whims. Want to get up at 6am and hike to a waterfall? Do it. Want to sleep in and “waste a morning” but feel totally rested and amazing after partying the night before? It’s your call. Want to abandon your plan at the last minute because you meet some cool people going in the opposite direction? You’re the captain now.

That kind of travel can be absolutely thrilling. It can also be lonely. It can be dangerous (especially for women). It can be exhausting. But that’s the adventure, too. It’s all part of it. And if the special lady in your life loves to pick up and travel the world, that’s probably what you love about her — that fearless spirit and that ability to turn life into a collection of epic moments.

If you have a solo adventurer in your life this Christmas, show her that you love the way she embraces life and traveling (on her own terms) by giving her a gift that will make life on the road even better.

This infinity scarf that holds her passport, money, and phone

Price: $13.99


This is an extremely multifunctional scarf. It’s perfect with any outfit on chillier days, it can be used as a pillow on planes, buses or trains, AND it has a secret zippered pocket that holds your phone, money, and passport. Being able to just bring a backpack and not worry about a purse when you’re out and about is key when you’re trying to keep your whole life in bags, especially if you’re smaller. The more you have to carry and keep track of, the more likely you are to leave something vital somewhere on the road. This scarf keeps everything you need right on you and is a great gift for her that’s thoughtful (while also super cheap!).

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This backpack that’s fly, but also, incredibly functional

Price: $100


Herschel Supply Co. bags are made specifically for the adventurous traveler and we love that they’re also really fun looking. This pack has a fleece-lined pocket for your laptop and is secure inside with an extra drawstring under the flap. It’s got plenty of pockets to keep you organized. Plus, it’s a really great size — just big enough to hold a fair amount of stuff but not so big that it’s a pain to carry around a new city, or will hurt her back by being geared more toward a man’s back. At $100, it’s an investment but not unaffordable.

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This yoga mat made to fit compactly into her suitcase

Price: $25.99


When you’re traveling long term all of those, “but I’m on vacation!” excuses about not needing to exercise or keep your body in shape go out the window. And you want to be in the kind of shape where a vigorous hike doesn’t wear you out or an impromptu surfing session doesn’t leave you and your muscles absolutely dead the next day. Being able to practice yoga does two things on the road, it helps keep you in shape, and it also helps to center you through all the craziness.

Some of the full time travelers we interview make it a practice to do an hour of yoga as the first thing they do in any new city. It gives them a routine where they can check in on their emotional health with every transition. The only problem is, having a yoga mat on you can be really bulky. And while some hotels or hostels provide them, you don’t want to have to rely on that. This yoga mat made specifically to travel by folding flat and tucking into a compact case (that can just hang out at the bottom of her bag) will allow her to have one peaceful, constant wherever she is.

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This charger that will keep her connected no matter what

Price: $52.99


When traveling alone, especially as a woman, being connected to the world (maps, people, emergency numbers) is absolutely vital. And if there is one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the one time you forget to charge up, will absolutely be the time you get lost and don’t speak a language and have no idea what to do. Having a portable charger will save her a million times.

This one, in particular, is awesome — it’s fairly compact, and will allow her to charge her phone AND laptop which is super helpful if she’s planning on (or makes) travel writing her career. You want as much time as possible to leave to adventures and connections (and not to working while everyone else is going out and experiencing the world), so being able to charge and work while on a train or bus will allow her to get her work done while in transition and leave more time for fun.

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This dress that she can wear night or day, beach or dinner

Price: $228


Look, we’re never going to tell you not to buy her Anthropologie clothes. This black dress is on the pricier side but it’s so, so versatile. It looks great when you pull it out rolled from your bag and it truly looks great whether you’re using it as a beach cover up, to wander around town, or to a nice dinner. It can be the only dress she packs and do all the duties, plus you always want at least one item in your bag that makes you feel pretty.

Just, as a gift, make SURE you actually know her size. Do not guess. For the love of God do not guess her size. If you go too small, she’ll feel bad that it’s tight and if you go too big, well…So, if you know her size this is a great pick.

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This carry-on bag which will last through any crazy conditions

Price: $160.99


This Samsonite bag works as a carry-on and is so great (also a pretty great price). It’s light and it holds up to tons of wear and tear. It’s scratch and water resistant, has a TSA friendly lock, and we love the light blue color to distinguish it from the pack. (Get it, the pack?).

Is it weird that I think there’s something incredibly intimate about buying a partner luggage? Something about the way it will hold everything they have, close by them. Also, it’s such a bold item, something they look at and touch every day. This is definitely a great sleeper gift idea.

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This tiny Bluetooth speaker that she can literally take anywhere

Price: $42


There are more powerful bluetooth speakers out there, but I love that this tiny little guy just clips onto your backpack, ready to blast some tunes wherever you are. It’s waterproof, cute, and, for its size and price point, has pretty awesome sound quality and control. For a gift, it’s the perfect price point for someone you haven’t been dating long (while still being a fun present). This is for days when she’s laying on a beach or at night when she’s drinking beer and playing cards, this way, you’ll be a part of the times that are just sort of automatically some of her favorite memories.

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These stylish flats that are functional/comfortable to walk around

Price: $145


men won’t know this, but you want exactly three pairs of shoes when doing a long trip by yourself: Good hiking shoes, a pair of flip flops for water activities/disgusting shared bathrooms, and the world’s most comfortable flats that are cute and can be paired with a skirt or dress for going out while also working for days walking all over a city.

Rothy’s Point Flat fits both of those conditions really well. They also repel moisture and are made from recycled plastic water bottles (so you can feel like you’re reducing your carbon footprint at least a tiny bit) and are machine washable which is so nice for your “everyday” kind of flats (which will get disgusting and smelly after long, hot day otherwise) — So they’re totally worth the high price point.

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This waterproof Kindle which will finally allow her to read endless books by the pool

Price: $129.99


Nobody has the space or wants the weight of a million books while traveling and the Kindle has been a true game changer for travelers. My suitcases used to basically be half books for any long trip. Now, you can just slip one little tablet into your backpack with every book in the entire universe.

And even if she already has a Kindle, this is a great time to upgrade as the new Paper White combines its awesome screen quality with being waterproof! It’s a real win for all of us who like to cool off with half our bodies in the pool, leaning over the edge with a page-turner, and sipping a cocktail. Is that all of us? That better be all of us.

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These headphones that will cancel out noise in hostels or transit so she can sleep

Price: $249.00


If you’re going noise-canceling earbuds, there really isn’t anything better on the market than the Bose QuietComfort 20. They’re really effective at blocking out sound and unlike a lot of noise canceling options, actually super comfortable to sleep in. And having something that will block out noise on her trips so she can sleep (in any conditions!) will make this one of her favorite presents ever, I promise. Is there any better gift than sleep? Or just any better anything?

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This upgrade to her camera which will allow her to take amazing pictures

Price: $229


This Panasonic camera (the Lumiz ZS50) is just such a great camera for the price point and takes pictures that are of a quality of a much pricier piece of equipment. If she doesn’t have a nice camera yet, she needs one. And while eventually she’d probably upgrade, this is one of the best and most compact cameras to start with as a beginner. Having nice pictures of her travels to show you in bed (when she comes home) will be something you’ll both look forward to on all the long, cold nights that she’s away.

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