The Essential Rules For Solo Travel

01.30.18 1 year ago


Solo travel can be a liberatingeven life-changing – experience, but as I’ve learned (often the hard way) through my years as a globetrotting travel writer, there’s definitely an art to it.

This month, Lonely Planet published my guide: The Solo Travel Handbook. I’ve loaded the book up with all the best tips and tricks I know for enjoying life on the road all on your own.

Here are eight rules to for the solo vagabond to live by:

Ensure you have back-up access to your travel funds and documents


Being stranded in a foreign country without any cash (or your ID) can be a terrifyingly isolating experience. Take measures to ensure you can access your funds and documents if your wallet is lost or stolen. Email yourself copies of all important documents before you leave home, and keep an additional bank card (ideally for a different account) and a bit of emergency cash stashed in a sock or a secret compartment of your luggage.

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