The Sonic ‘Square Shake’ Is Officially The Most Hipster Fast Food Item Ever

Oh, hipsters. You wear monocles, you go to adult preschool, and you love vinyl so much that you comb your beards with it. And now, you’ve somehow managed to infiltrate the world of fast food with your insistence on fancy plating and geometric designs.

Yes, Sonic, everyone’s favorite drive-through, is now offering square shakes. Or rather, #SquareShakes, because of f*cking course there’s a hashtag. The symmetrical shakes were created in collaboration with Instagram celebrity chef Jacques la Merde, aka Christine Flynn, executive chef for Toronto’s iQ Food Co.

But wait, it gets more hipster: don’t run out to your local Sonic and expect to find the square shakes on the menu. They’re a limited-time-only offering for…

…wait for it…

…anyone attending Coachella on April 16!

The shakes are free, but they can only be ordered through Instagram.

“Through Instagram’s ‘Shop Now’ geo-targeted sponsored ads, [Coachella] attendees will be able to order the shakes and sample them on the spot—a first-of-its-kind program for Instagram,” a Sonic spokesperson told BuzzFeed. Flavor options include vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wildberry & lavender. (So…no kale, and no bacon? Do you bros even source locally?)

No Coachella plans? Don’t fret. The square shakes were inspired by Sonic’s new Creamery Shakes, which are available in all the same flavors. Meaning that, if you really believe that you need to drink your shake out of a geometric vessel for max enjoyment, you can take your non-square shake home and recreate the experience for yourself. Just make sure you find some pretty garnishes and put it up on the Insta before tucking into it.