Watch SpaceX’s Incredible Video Footage Of Their Falcon 9 Rocket Landing At Sea

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Elon Musk is definitely one step away from being a supervillain in a Marvel comic based on all of the crazy inventions and goals he has for his business exploits. That doesn’t take away from the amazing developments his company SpaceX has made in only the last few years of scientific advances. The latest awesome event was the landing of a Falcon 9 rocket on a barge at sea in high winds. In case that sounds like an easy feat to accomplish, you should know that this was the first successful attempt of a drone barge landing in five tries.

In addition to the cool footage of the rocket landing from afar, SpaceX also tweeted out video of the touch down from the rocket’s perspective. It is not for those who get nauseous easily, but is an incredible perspective of the landing that is rarely if ever seen.

Musk says that they hope to re-use this rocket in less than 3 months, according to reporting by The Register.  Not only would that open the door for an expanded opportunity to explore space, but it would save more money per launch than the GDP of a small country. Musk is also promising to his reveal some of his plans for trips to Mars this fall, which will round out his supervillain credentials nicely.

(via The Register and Mashable)

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