Spreadable Twix Is Here, What A Time To Be Alive!

Twix chocolate bar
Getty Image

Oh what a day! What a lovely day! To compete with other delicious toast toppings, Mars has released a brand new Twix spread. That’s right, you can make your toast into Twix.

The spread is essentially a broken down, jarred up Twix, with chocolate and caramel flavors plus a little crunch courtesy of the bar’s crispy biscuit pieces. It’s available in 200 gram jars and costs about $3. It’s not on the #Whole30 diet.

When people start using heart eyes emojis, you know they mean bizz.

Unfortunately, Twix spread is only being sold in the UK, but we’re thinking there’s a chance it’s popularity could propel the treat westward. Or you can use it as motivation to go travel.

This is super exciting for those of us who like a little crunch in our snacks. If you’re the type who gets sprinkles on your ice cream to break up the texture, or won’t eat yogurt without a little granola, here’s an easy way to consume an insane amount of calories!

Here’s what else: a little research has revealed a whole world of Mars spreads. Milky Way stripey spread, Milky Way regular spread, Galaxy Hazelnut spread, Mars dessert sauce. No wonder Jamie Oliver is so worried about Britain’s school kids.