Be The Han Solo Of Your Office (For Better Or Worse) With These ‘Star Wars’ Quotes

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If you’re like me, you grew up wanting to be Han Solo. Based on the laws of probability, you’re also like me in that your Solo-dreams never materialized. No one but Han can pull off that level of swagger 24-7. At best, we can manage it for a few minutes here, a quick interaction there.

That doesn’t mean we have to surrender to lives of C-3po-level rigidity. What if we could learn to embody Han’s spirit more and more often, wowing our workmates by becoming the office’s most loveable scoundrel? It might even make everything square between us and those unfulfilled adolescent dreams.

(Alternately, we might just come to discover that scoundrels, believe it or not, aren’t universally beloved.)

Here is a carefully selected list of Han Solo quotes that, for better or worse, fit into the goings on at an everyday office. Good luck not getting frozen in carbonite or drowned in toner.

“Marching into a detention area is not what I had in mind.”

You drag your feet into work (15 minutes late, classic Han!) and there’s a memo sitting in your inbox about a mandatory meeting that is scheduled to start well before your coffee has had a chance to take effect. How else would you define a “detention center?”

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