Starbucks Created A Crystal-Encrusted Gift Card, But You Can’t Get Your Hands On It Anymore

If it wasn’t official before, it is now: People are crazy. The evidence? Starbucks has already sold out of all of its $200 crystal-encrusted gift cards online.

Crystal-encrusted. Gift cards. Sold out.

The gift cards, which are (or…were) being offered for the holiday season as a part of Starbucks’ new Brilliant Collection, are made of stainless steel and embellished with Swarovski crystals, and come pre-loaded with $50 worth of ‘Buck bucks. So, at least it’s not a completely terrible deal. They also arrive “packaged in a beautiful gift box,” according to the Starbucks product description.

The not-so-terrible news for people actually in the market for the bejeweled status symbol is that the card is only sold out online. Meaning that maybe, possibly, it’s available in local cafes, but as Starbucks recommends on their website, it’s advised to call ahead. Just to make sure. And to avoid any fits of public screaming.

Meanwhile, the Brilliant Collection still has a lot of its other “very limited edition collection” items available on the website. Looking for a swanky ornament? $50 will get you a crystal-embedded ceramic cup in either red or white. Feeling more spendy? Check out the black stainless-steel tumbler, only $125 and, here again, embedded with crystals.

Another option, of course, is just to save your money and be grateful for your special (and possibly godless) red holiday cup. Paid for with your very ordinary plastic Starbucks gift card. Sigh. Not all of us can afford the #swaglife.