Surfers Are Losing Their Minds Over The Mechanical Wave That Kelly Slater Got Himself For Christmas

It’s been no secret in the surf industry that the Kelly Slater Wave Company has been hard at work this past decade. They’ve teased us every so often with a random news article or video, but a man-made wave that the surf god himself would actually ride seemed impossible. Slater has spent the better part of three decades on a very public, unwavering quest for perfection. Creating a barreling wave, on demand, that was up to king Kelly’s standards seemed like a fools errand.

Still, the masses maintained a shred of hope. We all knew that if anyone could do it, it was the 43-year-old 11-time world champion. And sure enough, just in time for Christmas, the man delivered. Do you see that thing? It’s like that every single time.

Sadly, unless you and Kelly are tight, you can’t suit up just yet. There’s no information regarding location or when we can try the thing out, it’s a mystery. In the video, Slater mentions he’s “100 miles from the coast” but we’re left wondering…what coast? He’s the best because he always leaves us wanting more. This is no different.

*Update* Reddit may have found it. How about technology, right?

Leave it to Kelly to finish this years world tour in 9th place and still leave all of us picking our jaws up off the ground. Sorry Adriano.


Also, check out UPROXX Life editor Steve Bramucci surfing with Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton in Southern California: