Booze Lovers Brace Yourselves, There’s A Cloud That Rains Tequila

Bar, alcohol, and cocktail culture is constantly evolving. Sometimes we get fun innovations that hit our nostalgia sweet spots with concoctions like daiquiri cotton candy. Sometimes we get abominations like frozen cubes of whiskey. Well, the Mexican Tourism Board got into the alcohol innovation world in a game changing way this month: They’ve just debuted a gas cloud that rains tequila.

Yes, this is real. (We think.) There’s a lot of evidence online of people actually using this cloud to gather shots of tequila.The Mexican Tourism Board installed the cloud in Berlin at the Urban Spree compound in an art gallery and said “real tequila was turned into gas to create a floating cloud that rains tequila on command.” The art installation seems to be a cloud with lights to simulate lightening that is filled with tequila gas vapor that then rains down and fills a basin with tequila. If you’re not patient enough to collect your shot from a freakin’ cloud, there’s a handy tap that dispenses them, too.

Alcohol vapor or aerosol for inhalation has existed for a while, much the chagrin of Ron Swanson, but this looks like the first time someone has devised a way to turn that vapor right back into a very drinkable liquid. Generally, alcohol is turned into a vapor by running it over dry ice. Another method is using a nebulizer (exactly the ones used by asthma suffers) to create an aerosol. So it’s not a stretch to assume that that’s what’s happening here. How they turn it back into a liquid, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess. Heat maybe?

Obviously this is a very arty novelty, but still kinda cool nonetheless. Come on, it’s a cloud that rains tequila. Who wouldn’t want to check that out?

(Via Cosmopolitan)