The Texas Rangers Will Serve A Cotton Candy Hot Dog At Their Home Playoff Games

The Texas Rangers clinched the American League West on Sunday, which guaranteed that there will be at least one more Rangers’ home game this season as they get set to take on the Blue Jays in the ALDS.

Rangers fans who are lucky enough to be at Game 3 (and future home games assuming they don’t get swept) will be able to purchase this ridiculous concoction at Globe Life Park, per ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

It’s a hot dog topped with cotton candy mustard (???) and served with a heaping of actual cotton candy on top of it. Not even the people with those weird food preferences could think this one up.

The Rangers are no strangers to ridiculous food items at their ballpark, including odd variations on cotton candy. They have served bacon cotton candy earlier this season..

While bacon cotton candy is also gross, this is going way overboard. What poor soul is actually going to purchase this food item? Has anyone in the history of mankind wondered what a hot dog and cotton candy would taste like together? Obviously, someone has, or this wouldn’t exist, but the creator is probably the only one in history.

As a general rule, pork items and sugar-based treats should not be mixed under any circumstance.

Good God, Rangers, have some respect.