The Rock’s Wrestling Twin Nephews Once Made An Amazing Cooking Video

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02.01.16 7 Comments

If you’ve always wondered whether The Rock’s entire family is as awesome as he is (a question that’s plagued us since he first showed up on our TVs), you can stop questioning and revel in the answer. Yes, indeed they are. Or at least they seem to be. Because The Rock’s nephews — wrestlers themselves — made a cooking video in 2012 that’s making its way around the internet again. And it will make you wish that you could eat dinner with these guys every night. (Unless there’s a whole lotta tablebreakin’ involved. Might want to avoid that.)

This video comes from the WWE Series Outside the Ring, which chronicles the everyday lives of professional wrestlers. This video features The USOs — wrestling twins and The Rock’s nephews — showing an audience how to prepare a signature Samoan barbecue meal inspired by their grandma. Not only is it informative, but the guys clearly have a lot of fun cooking (and also just hanging out with each other). They also drop some life lessons, espouse the joys of mayonnaise, and give a lot of love to their parents. It’s a sweet watch.

(h/t Foodbeast)

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