Tiffani Thiessen Suggests Putting Something Even Stranger Than Peas In Your Guacamole

If there’s anything the big New York Times “peas in guacamole” controversy from a couple of years back taught us, it’s that people really don’t like messing with a classic. In fact, guacamole purists will insist that the only ingredients that really need to go in guacamole are avocados, lime, and salt — although some of us will also accept finely minced red onion and cilantro, as well. (And maybe topped with a little sprinkled cojita cheese or crab meat if we’re feeling fancy.)

Which is why Tiffani Thiessen might not win over any die-hard guac enthusiasts with this video for Delish in which she shares her citrus guacamole recipe that contains grapefruit, of all things. And not just the juice, but the actual fruit itself, which she says “really brightens up” the guacamole. Rounding out the grapefruit is lime zest, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper, and sunflower seeds; the latter of which seems like another thing that doesn’t belong in guacamole.

To make it even healthier and cut back on the calories, the Saved By the Bell actress says she eats it with crudites such as bell peppers instead of chips. Because if you’re going to go putting a bunch of fruit and seeds in your guacamole, a vegetable seems like as good a delivery system as any. And yet, Uproxx Life managing editor Steve Bramucci says he also swears by grapefruit in his guac.

Thoughts? Would anyone else try this? Has anyone else tried this?

(Via People)