The Friendly Skies Just Got Waaaaay Friendlier

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"Our flights were delayed and now we can get it on!"

The mile high club — that mythic realm inhabited by the world’s coolest flight attendants, every celebrity on Earth, and anyone willing to trust this semi-shady Cessna pilot — can probably expect some new members with the recent release of Lounger. The dating website, which is being called “Tinder for frequent travelers,” allows users to connect while they wait for their flights. Beyond the obvious benefits of a service helping people find one another based on mutual attraction, co-founder Fred Roeder also sees Lounger as a way for travelers to make new friends and share the bounty of exclusive airport lounges:

Most frequent flyers with lounge access can bring a companion to the lounge as well but merely make use of it in 1 out of 20 cases. Thus there’s a heavy underutilization of their companion tickets for lounge access. At the same time non-elite travelers (more than 95% of people at airports) never get to see what’s behind the millionaire doors of the Heathrows, JFKs, Hanedas, or Kingsfords of this world.

In case you’re still wondering how Lounger works, they put together a helpful (if poorly lit) video. [You can almost feel the two actors thinking “I went to Juilliard for this?”]

Signing up for Lounger is done through your Facebook account, and — in a groundbreaking move for the easily embarrassed and Ashley Madison sleazeballs — the dating service is completely browser-based. That means no pesky apps on your phone to explain to your significant other, nosy parents, or prying boss.

For old-fashioned types who need a little romancing before jumping into the nearest utility closet or airplane bathroom, we suggest a little awkward first date chatter at a surprisingly high-quality airport restaurant. If you’re ready to make a bad decision with your new paramour, but still want to make the very good decision of not making your bad decision in a cramped, germ-filled airplane bathroom, you might consider….



making that bad decision in a cramped, germ-filled capsule hotel!

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