Meet The Travel Photographer Who’s Been Chasing Adventure Since She Was Two Years Old

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Jody MacDonald

Jody MacDonald has a job which, on the surface, looks extremely enviable: She’s a travel photographer, bouncing around the world, snapping photos along the way. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a gig that’s exhausting and intensely difficult. A 24/7 life of risk, and passion. But the hard work comes with a major reward: Namely, the thrill of a life filled with adventure.

MacDonald has been traveling since childhood — it’s rooted in her DNA. Her first trip came when she was two years old, and ever since then the word “mundane” has been her enemy.Besides her photography, MacDonald runs a successful kiteboarding adventure company that makes five-year long trips around the world. She and her partner take thrill-seekers to the furthest reaches of the globe on their catamaran. Along the way, MacDonald offers fellow travelers a chance to leave the blandness of the daily grind behind — a gift that many are unable to brave alone but few would want to live without.

As a photographer, MacDonald is able to transport people to far-flung corners of the globe. Her photographs are a glimpse into someplace special — exotic locales which the rest of us may never get to see firsthand. That’s the mark of a great photographer. The ability to transport us. Each photo inspires us to be a little bolder in our everyday lives.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with MacDonald to ask how she scored a job as a sailing, adventuring, globe-trotting photog-for-hire. Her story is an inspiration for anyone who wants to maximize their short time on this planet.

Jody MacDonald

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