New Years Travel Resolutions From Those Who Know Travel Best

01.01.16 3 years ago

Parker Hilton

As a collective call-to-arms, we at Uproxx Life are proposing a resolution. It’s a simple one. Move. Go. Get out and explore. Long term or short, make an effort to move that body of yours to someplace it hasn’t recently been. That’s it, whether you go across the street to a new restaurant or across the world to visit a new culture. Move. It’s as simple as that.

Make a resolution to move and act on it. Buy a plane ticket, hop on a train, get in your car or on your bike and go somewhere you haven’t been yet. Once you get there, maybe you’ll decide to keep going.

To inspire you, we talked to some of our favorite movers and asked them simply:

Where are you excited to go in 2016?


What are you excited to do in 2016?


Jack Maxwell

Host of ‘Booze Traveler’


Travel Channel

I’m excited to go to Australia at the end of January to film an episode for season three of “Booze Traveler.” Australia has always been on my “must visit” list because it has the Great Barrier Reef, the outback, koalas, and kangaroos. Now I get to try some of the country’s unique drinks while I’m there (and find out if the toilet actually flushes backwards)!

I’m really pumped to experience Australia Day. It’s a celebration for the people by the people, much like Independence Day is for us Americans. I think it’s a must because you get to really see the diverse societies and people from different regions and landscapes of the country.

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