Trump Saved The Next Generation Of Supersonic Travel In His 2018 Budget

Life Writer


Perusing Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget is harrowing. There are deep cuts or complete eliminations for the poor, children, elderly, veterans, the arts, and the cessation of anything related to climate science. It reads as a budget that’ll make the rich richer and poor poorer, pretty much unabashedly. However, as intrepid lovers of all things travel we did find one teensy ray of hope in the second bullet point of page 50, under NASA’s budget.

It reads, “Paves the way for eventual over-land commercial supersonic fights and safer, more efficient air travel with a strong program of aeronautics research. The Budget provides $624 million for aeronautics research and development.”

Um…Are they brining back the Concorde? Because it really sounds like they’re bringing back the Concorde.

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