Do These 12 Cars Swallowed Up In An IHOP Parking Lot Prove That God Is #TeamMcDonalds?

11.09.15 4 years ago

The parking lot of a Mississippi IHOP freakishly swallowed 12 cars over the weekend, and if you’re the religious type, this could be taken as evidence that a vengeful and punishing God decidedly prefers an Egg McMuffin to some Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruitys, following IHOP’s feud with McDonald’s over the chain’s new all-day breakfast. Authorities are still unsure of the cause of the 35-foot-wide and 400-foot-long collapse, but contend that it’s not a sinkhole, which is caused when “an underground water aquifer dries and leaves a void in the ground.”

Incredibly, no one was injured in the collapse, which plummeted the vehicles down an entire 15 feet into the Earth.

Gwendolyn Fikes said her daughter’s Honda Accord was one of the vehicles that fell into to the chasm. Fikes said she and her daughter had stopped by the restaurant to eat last night.

“We’d been in there about three minutes,” Fikes said. “Then everything went black and we heard a boom.”

Authorities will be attempting to determine the cause of the collapse, but think that a contributing factor might have been heavy rains in the area recently… heavy rains which may also have been the result of a vengeful God. Can’t rule it out, really.

(Meridian Star via New York Times)

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