Don’t Let Twitter Be Your Outlet For Self-Destruction After A Breakup

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04.09.16 2 Comments


I know it’s hard. You’re blindsided by your partner, who has decided that it’s best for you two to consciously uncouple. As you work your way through the five stages of grief while mourning your kaput relationship, you’re bound to indulge in some self destructive behavior. While that could manifest as listen to “Wrecking Ball” on repeat for days while drinking all of the red wine, your sadness may leak over into a more public forum.

It can be easy to assume that Twitter doesn’t matter. You just type in your 140 characters of whatever-the-hell you want, and send it off into the void. However, the internet is forever, and those tweets can follow you around for a long time. So, if you want to maintain the respect of your peers and not have to explain to future employers why exactly you spent weeks posting nothing but lyrics by Tegan and Sara and Papa Roach (hey, breakups are ugly), here are a few tips:

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