Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About Uber’s Controversial Logo Change?

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02.03.16 5 Comments
uber 1100 ride surge pricing change

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Of all the things to be mad at Uber about (like the time a woman was charged $12,000 for a ride or the time someone went bankrupt due to surge pricing or the time–today–when they promised puppies and didn’t deliver to my house), you wouldn’t think it was their new logo that would get people so ready to knock things over and throw themselves off of tall buildings. But, for some reason, people who use the app and follow the company on Twitter are very, very unhappy that the ride-sharing company changed its brand’s look without consulting them.

In case you’re not familiar with Uber’s old logo–I couldn’t think what it looked like off the top of my head–it was a bent grey U on a black background. Now it looks like some kind of vague ocean thing that’s confusing at most. What do the depths below have to do with sharing a ride downtown? Why must change be so hard?

Here’s the logo–technically just the app icon– looking like a fluffy pillow lost in a sea of endless water, without any way to tell if there’s even a U in there:

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