There’s Now An Official Uproxx Burger (With Proceeds Going To Charity)

06.17.17 9 months ago 23 Comments


The Uproxx burger is every bit as insane as you would imagine. We went ALL out.

We’re going to start with a bold claim. And that’s that the “Make Your Own Burger” restaurant is the greatest restaurant innovation in recent history. And yeah, we stand by that statement. The customization of being able to pick your own meats and dream toppings elevates “The Make Your Own Burger” experience from going out for a good burger to a transcendent culinary delight. You can go as funky or as simple as you want, and it’s glorious.

Not that we at Uproxx could ever go simple at such a restaurant. Especially not our Facebook Live correspondents, Uproxx’s Social Producer, Frankie Greek, and Life Managing Editor, Steve Bramucci. These two have most recently tried some of the most decadent items in Los Angeles, including $100 avocado toast and a $100 sandwich — so they’re not afraid to get a little fancy with that sh*t. Turning them loose in Burgerim‘s kitchen in Hollywood was sure to be chaos. Especially when they were offered the opportunity to create a special Uproxx burger to go on their menu for a whole month with part of the proceeds going to charity.

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