A Vanlife Couple Tell You How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Ultimate Road Trip

Gnomad Home

The beloved #vanlife certainly wears the patina of modern adventure nicely. But though it seems like an endless vacation, most people we talk to are quick to explain that it’s also a hustle. Even the effort to transition into a couple of hundred square-feet of wanderlust in vehicle form is enormous. How do you lay everything out? How do you get the most home for your hard cash?

We spoke with John and Jayme Serbell (two of the vanlifers we recommended you follow on Instagram) about various aspects of the build, and they broke them down for people on small, medium, and large budgets. As the duo behind the website Gnomad Home, the Serbells certainly know what they’re talking about.

“If you have the desire to go live a nomadic lifestyle,” John Serbell says, “you can get out there and see the country, see the world, explore the nature, and live the life you want. You really don’t need a whole lot to get started.”

Read through what they have to say about getting started with the vanlife and see if you aren’t cruising Craigslist for vans shortly thereafter. We sure did.