Famous Vegan Restaurant Owners Are Getting Death Threats After They Admitted To Eating Meat

04.28.16 3 years ago 29 Comments

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Cafe Gratitude founder Ryland Engelhart, son of Matthew

The Hollywood Reporter today has a lengthy piece on Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the owners of “entertainment industry haunt” Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican food place with locations in San Francisco and LA. The long and short of it is that the Engelharts recently revealed that they’ve been eating meat! Albeit, only from animals raised on their personal farm (where they’d long had chickens and cows for producing eggs and dairy, but recently starting eating them too). And now, some of their former fans, all vegans, some famous – are pissed.

This despite the Engelharts having what sounds like a pretty reasonable explanation for doing what they did:

The Engelharts frame their return to “sustainable, regenerative” animal consumption as the mindful culmination of years spent laboring on their upstate farm. “We started to observe nature, and what we saw is that nature doesn’t exist without animals,” says Matthew. “Neither does natural farming. You know, you can’t buy organic vegetables that aren’t fertilized with animal residue. So that was our discovery. We aren’t on a soap box.”

If you’ve got animals on your farm, they’re going to die at some point anyway, right? Might as well eat them then. But of course they had to explain this with a bunch of obnoxious buzzwords like “mindful” and “regenerative,” which is part of what makes the story so funny. Watching them trip over their own horsesh*t, so to speak. Because while vegan restaurants can be a great thing (I’ve been to Gracias Madre, I remember it being decent), as is veganism in general (just because I eat and love meat doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that it causes a ton of problems) I think we could all do without the air of new agey smugness.

Cafe Gratitude is known for giving dishes names that are self-affirmations. The most popular include the “I Am Whole” macrobiotic sea-vegetable rice and a curried lentil assemblage called “I Am Humble.” The locations have become a solid entertainment industry draw for business lunches, as well as a reliable celebrity nexus. Customers range from Beyonce Knowles and Sacha Baron Cohen to Ariana Grande and Jake Gyllenhaal.

And as noted by our own Steve Bramucci, servers at Cafe Gratitude used to present their food with “I give you humility.” (Or whole-ness, or whatever value the dish was named for.)

In any case, the Engelharts seem to have a point, in that they’re being criticized for a personal lifestyle choice, when the veganism of the food they serve at their restaurants was never in question. Which hasn’t been enough to satisfy their many critics, including Moby.

One of [their critics] is the musician Moby, who opened his own vegan restaurant five months ago in Silver Lake called Little Pine. “I sincerely hope that they discontinue their practice of raising and killing animals for food,” he wrote on Facebook.

He also prefaced that with “I have great love for the people at Cafe Gratitude, but…”, but it still qualifies as a pretty harsh diss coming from Moby. In addition to Moby, a lady with an obnoxiously-named blog is also angry.

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