Here’s All Of The Free Food Our Veterans Can Feast On For Veteran’s Day

11.11.16 1 year ago


Today is Veterans Day, the day we honor everyone who’s served our country with a break from mail delivery and banking and — even better — food freebies and discounts.

We’ve got a roundup of what you can get if you’re a veteran or active duty military — and Whew! It’s a lot! If you really wanted to (and we wouldn’t judge), you could take a tour of every place on the list and eat from breakfast until 3rd dinner. Keep in mind, though: the majority of these deals require some proof of military service, so get out that ID, pull that old uniform from the back of your closet, or start rooting through your papers for your last set of orders. Your stomach is depending on you.

One last thing from all of us here at Uproxx: thank you for your service! Now go take advantage of the deals that await you.


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