These ‘We Don’t Care’ Bathroom Signs Remind Us That Canadians Get It

08.23.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

Canada has always been a little ahead of the curve when it comes to social issues. Our neighbors to the north have benefited from universal healthcare for decades, are protected by a comprehensive network of anti-discrimination legislation, and in some provinces can drink alcohol at age 18. These liberal policies reflect a society very much engaged with, and wholeheartedly proud of, the progressive ideals that have come to characterize the nation as a whole. The Canadian National Exhibition, also known as “The Ex,” is currently underway in Toronto, and the annual fair has updated one of its accommodations to further reflect the country’s continued mission of inclusion.

When attendees needed to use the restrooms put in place for the event, they were met with an updated version of the classic binary bathroom sign: an all gender-inclusive figure labeled “We Don’t Care,” perhaps the most supportive expression of apathy ever. The CNE reportedly were planning on purchasing new portable washrooms anyway, so it just made sense they opt for the most gender neutral option. “All portable washrooms will eventually be the same for the CNE,” said Gage Knox, a representative for the 18-day event. “All-gender washrooms makes for better flow and greater capacity.”

The design itself, however, is not Canadian in origin. It was in fact created by Kansas business owner Peregrine Honig earlier this year after several “bathroom bills” were being proposed and contested across the United States. “Everyone is welcome at The Ex, where people can feel comfortable and not labelled,” said CNE general manager Virginia Ludy. Leave it to Canadians to make equality sound so gosh darn simple.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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