We Tried Nikola Mirotic’s Grape Jelly And Mayo Sandwich And It Was As Horrible As You’d Expect

Associate Editor

Bill DiFilippo

There is a Wegman’s about 10 minutes from my dad’s house in upstate New York. On the list of grocery stores I frequent, Wegman’s is No. 1, because I know they have the best selection of items and I can usually get a pretty awesome sandwich from their deli.

When I went to Wegman’s today, it was to get a handful of items and a sandwich. The only thing is I was making the sandwich, not some teenager who really didn’t want to explain to me whether they prefer the everything bread or white bread. And the selection of items does not matter, because I am purposely getting the crappiest versions of the following three things that I can acquire:

  1. Bread
  2. Grape jelly
  3. Mayonnaise

I am going to make and consume Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic’s sandwich from Dante’s deepest layer of the Inferno. While Mirotic claims he does not like them, well, that is the exact thing someone should say when they enjoy a sandwich that consists of grape jelly and mayo smashed together. There is no way I regret that sentence several hundred words from now.

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