Pro Skater Nicole Hause Tells Us Where To Eat, Drink, And Play If You’re In Minneapolis For This Weekend’s X Games

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Nicole Hause is a 21-year-old pro skater from Stillwater Minnesota which makes her, let’s face it, way cooler than you. I mean, I can’t even ride a skateboard without flaying my arms in the air like a silent film era comedian and when I was 21 I definitely wasn’t already a U.S.A Skateboarding National Team member or competing to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. I was just bar-hopping like some loser.

Nicole is set to perform this weekend in the X Games Minneapolis which is being held at the U.S. Bank Stadium. If you’re attending this weekend, consider yourself lucky because the X Games has been stepping it up in terms of non-athletic entertainers. This year they’ve brought along Diplo, the Wu-Tang Clan, Incubus and more as part of their X Games Concert Series.

Ahead of the games, Nicole Hause filled us in on her favorite Minneapolis hangouts, which will come in handy whether you’re at the games this weekend, or just visiting Minneapolis for their booming local music, beer, and food scenes.

Bad Axe Throwing

This place is super fun and it’s nice to try something different! Especially since Minnesota is the home of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Bad Axe Throwing is an urban ax-throwing club, and you don’t need to be a pro or have jacked arms to have a good time there. Their coaches will teach you to throw an ax, come up with super fun games and they even have tournaments sometimes.

Lake Minnetonka

You can’t visit Minnesota and not go on one of its 10,000 lakes. Lake Minnetonka is one of the most popular lakes, known for its massive on the water 4th of July parties. I usually go out on a boat with my friends and wake surf, but there’s also free beach access if you just want to take a quick dip into the freshwater. There are tons of marinas that rent boats, so if you don’t have a friend with one, you definitely aren’t out of luck.

Can Can Wonderland

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Sometimes it rains in Minnesota and in the winter months it snows. I always love to play mini-golf and Can Can Wonderland has a next-level indoor course. Just google the pictures and see for yourself! They also have a very stacked arcade with lots of Pinball machines, which is my personal favorite. The coolest thing about Can Can is that it gives back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community, too!

Erté & The Peacock Lounge

Erté is for when you want to get fancy! They serve some of the best food and drinks I’ve had, it’s sort of like an art form. They use the best ingredients and are super detailed in their work! The restaurant has an overall good feel and is perfect for date night! I would make a reservation, but if there’s a wait it’s also in the heart of the historic Arts District so you can check out studios, galleries or shops nearby until your table is ready.


I’m all about the basics and this restaurant has them all. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread. The best in town! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Get ready for a wait – sometimes it takes more than an hour but it’s well worth it.

Milkjam Creamery

Ice cream is my favorite dessert by far, and I’m kind of a tough critic about it. My favorite flavor is Ridin’ Duuurty, it’s basically chocolate ice cream with Oreos and peanut butter! Milkjam is a serious must-have every time I go home, and you can also get your ice cream scoop in a donut sandwich if you’re into that.

Cereal Killers, Hard Knock Life 2.0 and Waka Flocka Flakes are some other must-tries.

Up Down

You can only do this in the Midwest, so you might as well! Drink, play 25 cent arcade games, and eat homemade pizza by the slice. I pretty much always get stuck on the Pac-man machine, but they also have pinball, skeeball and a ton of awesome beers on tap. It’s a great place to catch up with old friends and have a fun time. It’s 21+, just a heads up.

Matt’s Bar

If you’re coming to Minneapolis, you HAVE to have a Juicy Lucy, and this is the iconic OG version. If you haven’t heard, a Juicy Lucy is a burger stuffed full of cheese. And, seriously, this is the best one you’ll ever have. I know people that have had it from out of state, and they still talk about years later. You can’t go wrong here. Go after a long day on the lake, so you really appreciate it.

Inbound Brewing Co.

A cool scene with good brew! Food trucks outside and they change up every few days, and its right by Target Field so if you’re in town for a game it’s a great spot to kick off your afternoon or evening. If you’re here during the summer, they also have an awesome, huge patio to hang out on and people watch – a must in this area.

Spyhouse Coffee

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If you love coffee as much as I do, go get yourself a cup from Spyhouse. You’ll want to buy a bag and take it back home with you – at least that’s what I do! They also have super cute coffee cups and water bottles, if you’re looking for a fun and useful souvenir.

Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant

Hell’s Kitchen has an option on the menu for everyone! My favorite option is Saturday-Sunday brunch, they have a Bloody Mary bar that’s 35 feet long! I like my Bloody Mary’s spicy, so I always take advantage of the peppers, and the different hot sauces. Weirdly, they’re also known for their housemade peanut butter – which goes on a crazy array of dishes.