DJ Will Clarke Shares His Favorite Places To Eat, Sleep, And Party In Detroit


If Detroit isn’t on your current list of must-visit cities in America, remedy that immediately. Even in its fallow years, fans and creators of experimental underground electronic music have always held the city in high regard. It maintains a legendary status amongst the early techno artists who once called the Motor City home. Now the rest of the world is catching up — the city has been going through a quiet renaissance with new restaurants, clubs, and hotels helping revitalize the downtown area.

To help get you hip to what’s popping in Detroit, we tapped Bristol-born electronic musician and DJ Will Clarke who now calls the city home. The Dirtybird Records luminary is about to drop his latest single “Feeling Good,” on March 15th. With the launch fast-approaching, he offered to break down some of his favorite spots in his adopted city.

Where to Stay

The Shinola Hotel

A super brand new hotel that has been opened by Detroit-based leather watch brand Shinola and real estate firm Bedrock. The Shinola Hotel has some sdope rooms and great restaurants like Penny Red’s. Also, it’s in the heart of downtown which is perfect to check out the ever-evolving city of Detroit.

Where to Eat

Ima Noodles

If you like ramen and you are willing to step out of the box of ‘traditional ramen’ then this is the place. I eat at Ima Noodles on a regular basis, their whole menu has something special to offer, personally, curry ramen is my favorite!

Grey Ghost

A little more on the high end of American culinary spectrum — Grey Ghost always has a dope atmosphere and the food is consistently exceptional. Their take on the Big Mac is my go-to and although I don’t drink I’ve been told their cocktails are pretty amazing too.

Where To Get Lost

The Heidelberg Project