A Former White House Chef Wrote A Shocking Tell-All, Except He Never Worked In The White House

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Ronnie Seaton claims George W. Bush was a whisky-drinking, weed-smoking sumbitch while he was the President of the United States. And that Bill Clinton ordered chocolate-covered strawberries, caviar, and champagne the night Monica Lewinsky was his special guest. And that G.W. also had an affair with Condoleezza Rice, and Laura Bush knew about the infidelity.

These are massive allegations and spark many subsequent questions, the biggest of which seems to be: Who the hell is Ronnie Seaton?

He’s the 62-year-old author of the shocking new book Sir White House Chef, which details how he worked in the White House for five presidents over 30-plus years. Seaton’s bio also claims he’s a “Vietnam veteran who spent 21 days as a prisoner of war (and won a Purple Heart), a Medal of Freedom winner (from two presidents), and, yes, a knight — because the Queen Elizabeth II loved his cooking.”

What an amazing story! If only it were real.

Despite Seaton’s claims, the White House has no record of him ever working there. Yet he has persuaded a small Christian press, Heritage Builders, to publish his book and has appeared in the press around New Orleans, where he works, telling similar stories. (Via)

Seaton’s tall tales include how he became buddies with the Queen (he made a Visa joke, because royalty loves credit card humor) and his Ph.D. in “Foodology” at Cornell University. When the New York Post reached out to Cornell, they were told “we have no record of a Ron Seaton… attending” the college.

Asked if he could send proof he had ever worked at the White House, [Seaton] said, “I can see what my wife has in the file cabinet.”

Nothing has emerged. (Via)

While the press is waiting for those files, you can find the book on Amazon, where it has 32 reviews and counting. Karen wrote, “If he indeed lied about his military service, he should be called out in public for STOLEN VALOR and charged with breaking the law,” while Marion added, “A mishmash of rumors, lies, innuendos, and news stories twisted beyond belief.” Maybe it was written by the guy behind United Passions?

The only meal Seaton seems to be serving right now is a heaping plate of B.S.

(Via New York Post)