Whole Foods Is Enabling Your ‘National Cheese Lovers Day’ Binging With A One-Day Deal

Whole Foods Lower Its Earnings Expectations Amid Increased Competition
Getty Image / Spencer Platt

In what appears to be a crass bid to court the all-important Wallace and Gromit demo, Whole Foods has offered a snazzy cheese deal as part of the curious marvel that is National Cheese Lovers Day. Yes, it’s a real thing and you’re of course allowed to live life like every day is National Cheese Lovers Day.

The deal being served up by Whole Foods today is a 20 percent discount on all organic cheeses. Considering that the chain boasts over 1,500 varieties of cheese, there are some tough choices to be made. We’d make some sort of pun about this offer, but the exclamation of “BRIE-lieve it!” on the company’s Facebook page has done the heavy lifting for us. Feel free to mutter it to yourself no matter where the cheese you gorge on today is from. You’ve earned it.

On the off-chance you’re unsure if cheese is right for you, Whole Foods has also knocked out a brief promo video showcasing the one-day discount item at its gooiest. It’s the sort of thing that would probably result in beloved cheese enthusiast Steve Urkel collapsing in a heap upon viewing. The nationwide deal comes to a close tonight, which means the clock is ticking.

(Via Cosmopolitan)